Mood Lighting With Tiki Torches

If you have the islands on your mind, you will be glad to know that you can bring the charm and decor of your favorite tropical paradise into your own backyard.  Even if you don’t live on an island oasis, you can still enjoy all of the benefits with the proper decorating knowledge and a little creativity.

Why Decorate With Light

Just as many people use candles to create a certain mood or when entertaining outdoors, decorative Polynesian torches add a touch of both light and ambience.  If you are hosting an outdoor party with a tropical theme, there’s nothing quite like including either a full-size, tabletop or miniature decorative Polynesian torch to complete the lighting design.  It’s important to remember that these are intended for outdoor use only.

Choosing The Right Size

If you are looking for a bold statement in lighting for your party, the use of full-size Polynesian torches may be the style you are seeking.  If you want a centerpiece for outdoor tables, however, you may want to consider the tabletop versions to add just a touch of lighting to your decor.  If what you want is considerably smaller than both a full-size and tabletop design, consider a miniature version that will add the perfect decorative accent to your outdoor gathering.

Party Ideas

If you are hosting a Hawaiian-theme party complete with hula skirts, palm trees and leis, the addition of one or more decorative Polynesian torches will be the perfect finishing touch to make your celebration even more authentic.

Whether you are throwing a birthday party, hosting a family reunion or just having a get together with some friends and are looking for a unique idea to make your home feel even more inviting, an island-themed party is sure to be a winner.  You can spruce up the party decor with tropical tableware, lighted palm trees, the presentation of a lei to each guest and by serving traditional island entrees.

Care & Storage

When not in use, it’s important that you store all decorations, including decorative Polynesian torches, properly.  In addition, you must also follow the manufacturer’s instructions while using the decorations in order to avoid injury to yourself and/or to others.

If you are planning a gathering, make sure that you check the weather forecast.  This type of lighting will not do well in the rain, so double check the elements before confirming the date of your outdoor party and beginning to set up the decorations.

Where To Buy

Decorative Polynesian torches can be purchased at a number of party supply stores, including Oriental Trading Company and other similar wholesalers.  You can purchase the full-size, miniature and/or tabletop designs in quantity to ensure that you have enough decorations to suit your style.


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