Host A Chinese New Years’ Party

The traditional Chinese New Year is becoming more and more a celebrated festival around the world, and it is a really great way to celebrate Chinese culture or just have fun with friends and family.  Usually falling in late January or February, it is a great time of year to add a little cheer to cold winter nights.  If you are hosting a Chinese New Year’s party this year, here are a few ideas for creating a fun, traditional, and inexpensive night!

Prepare Your Home For Your Guests

The New Year in Chinese culture is a very important time of year, and is a time of new beginnings and a clean start.  Here are a few traditional ways the Chinese prepare their homes for the New Year.

Clean your home in the days preceding the New Year to sweep away the bad luck of the year that’s ending.  Actually sweeping the dirt from your home is very symbolic.

Try to see as many of your family and friends as possible over the first few days of the New Year to fill your home with loved ones, laughter, and good fortune for the coming year.

Don’t argue, cry, or raise your voice, to avoid setting a negative tone for the coming year.

Avoid white, as it represents death and mourning in Chinese culture.  Don’t serve anything white, as it is considered bad luck.

Decorating Ideas

The color red is very important in Chinese culture and for the Chinese New Year, and it represents good fortune and luck for the coming year.  Coins are also traditional symbols of the day.  Here are a few great decorating ideas for your Chinese New Year’s party.

Decorate your table using red and gold.  It will create a stunning look and symbolize good fortune as well.

Peonies are an auspicious flower in Chinese culture and would make a great centerpiece.

Place a gold coin in an envelope on each plate.  It is a tradition that adds an authentic touch and is inexpensive to create.

Hang paper lanterns throughout your home and in your yard.

These are just a few of the ways you can celebrate this fun and important Chinese festival, and it is a great excuse to get together with friends and family!


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