Decorating Ideas For Girls' Rooms

If you have a room that requires a feminine touch, don’t fret.  Decorating a girl’s room is not as intimidating as it may seem.  In fact, there are a number of ways that you can turn the bedroom of your little princess into her very own fairytale retreat.

Bedding Basics

Every little girl wants a beautifully decorated bed, which means colorful bedding is a must.  Whether it’s her favorite cartoon character or color choice, the right comforter and matching accent pillows can go a long way in making your little one’s room a truly customized space.

Finding A Fantastic Phone

Giving your little girl a telephone of her very own is a terrific way to let her enjoy a little extra privacy.  Choosing the right phone for a girl’s room is as simple as learning her favorite color and style.  If you are decorating the room with a specific color theme, it may be a good idea to choose a phone that matches the decor.  If your little one favors a specific cartoon character, look for a phone that depicts that image.

Colorful Additions

All children love color and when it comes to decorating, nothing achieves the task better than flowers.  If your little girl loves flowers, consider adding some framed artwork featuring various blooms in a fun pattern, some flowers that your little one can watch grow in her very own room or even wallpaper borders featuring colorful blossoms.

Wow Her Walls

If your little girl has a favorite color, consider adding it to her wall coloring.  You can always repaint the room a more neutral tone, such as beige, if you decide to sell the home in the future.  While it’s true that neutral shades are more attractive to potential homebuyers, the most important thing for now is to give your little girl a space that’s all her own.

Adding The Finishing Touches

Once you’ve painted a room and added the bedding, along with several other accents, it’s time to finish the project with a few last minute touches that will make your little girl’s room a palace fit for a princess.  Accent rugs, her favorite stuffed animals placed on the bed and a display shelf for her dolls or other collectibles are a few of the items that she’s sure to love.  Don’t forget to include some colorful pens, stationary, some stickers and matching envelopes for her to write letters to friends and family.

Now that you know how to decorate your little girl’s room, don’t forget to let her help with the item and color selections.  After all, it’s her room and she will thank you for it.


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